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you never quite expected this, did you?

she, whom you thought was reservedly so shy,

had just surprised you with her unleashed desires.

you had only thought the night would be about going out.

i’m not fully dressed she called out from her bedroom, as you entered her apartment.

i can make myself something to drink, you answered back from the hallway.

no, come in, there’s something i want to ask of you.

and you walked down the hallway, your mind trying to think of all the expressions for clothing, thinking that you was going to be asked with helping her make a sartorial decision.

when you opened the door, she  was half dressed, sitting upon her white leather settee.

you wanted to walk right up to her and grab her into your arms, but she held out her outstretched hand in a ‘stop’ sign.

just sit..and listen to what i need to tell you. she whispered.

and you sat, transfixed and tantalized.

this, by far, was the best conversation you had ever had with her.

~ beautflstranger

(Source: femminea)

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