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    it’s all about finding some images of Payne and Pleasure…

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    She had decided to go out with her friends to a club. They had to use their fake IDs in order to get in, but it was pretty simple. This was a pretty happening place. Lots of loud music, drugs, and hot guys. Perfect for a fun night out on the town.

    She didn’t have to pay for any drinks, as she had booze practically poured down her throat from the moment she walked in the door, all offered by many men, several of them hard-bodied and tattooed. She drank and danced the night away until one of the guys pulled her aside and started making out with her on the dance floor. They groped and kissed, and then he grabbed her hand and told her to come with him.

    They ended up in the men’s bathroom, and he immediately stripped her down to her pretty blue bra and panties. She didn’t have a chance to protest, and she was feeling so good that she did not have an inkling to do so anyway. She kissed back at him, rubbing his hard body all over, enjoying his touch. He then turned her around and then bent her over, quite insistent. She was looking straight into a wall mirror. Before she even had a chance to admire her young, pretty, made-up face in the mirror, she felt her panties slip to one side and felt a large breach into her pussy. She opened her mouth and her eyes wide at the invasion, and she was stunned, still slightly distant from all the alcohol.

    He began banging her body, in and out, taking large amounts of pleasure for himself as she took large amounts of his cock with each thrust. He fucked her like he deserved to fuck her, like a wild animal. She was shocked, in a state of both pleasure and panic, but most of all, she was having more fun than she had ever had in her entire life.

    As he rocked her body, he knew he wasn’t going to last long with this super hot little teenage girl. He kept pounding her slim little body over and over, faster and faster, until he reached his climax and sprayed the insides her 98-pound body vigorously. The pressure of his sperm ejaculation was enormous. He wasn’t thinking about any consequences for her, of course, as he was just there for a good time and to enjoy himself with her body, and maybe the bodies of a few other girls. The fact that she may have to pay the price for his amazing orgasm was something that he didn’t think about or consider for even a second.

    When he was finished, he zipped his pants back up and then left, leaving her staring at the mirror with cum oozing out of her cunt. She stared with her mouth open for a good 10 minutes. God, that had been so great. She wondered what her friends were doing. She had to find men for them to play with, too, if they hadn’t found any already. She slowly got dressed, and went back out on the dance floor to look for them.

    ΗΟΤ story!

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    Gazing out the office window thinking of my fans/followers wondering if any of them would like to bang me right now??😜

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    Happy Friday pussy and side boob😜

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    Ya that’s it, get a little close so you can see my pussy😍

    HOT HOT couple!   perfectly seductive position!!!!